Governance emerges as a relevant and referential issue in tourism management. There is a growing need for a practice of government aimed to effectively direct the tourism sector at the different levels of government through forms of coordination, collaboration and/or cooperation  that are efficient, transparent and subject to accountability.
Tourism governance is becoming highly decentralized. Key industry stakeholders have further been involved in the policy making process and actively engaged in tourism development and destination management issues;
Efficient Governance is one of the key performance areas at Destination Management/Marketing Organization (DMO) level.
The objective of Destimation Management and Quality Programme as regards destination governance is to support the DMOs in their efforts to:
  • Develop  efficient governance models / structures
  • Identify and address the strategic priorities of the destination and contribute to the enhancement of efficient governance in the leading tourism organizational entity at destination level which may encompass the various authorities, stakeholders and professionals and facilitates tourism sector partnerships towards a collective destination vision.